E-Poetry—Simmerman Style

Twenty Little Poetry Projects, by Jim Simmerman

And the poem to go with it, Moon Go Away, I Don’t Love You No More

May I Present…*drum roll please*….

THE ALMIGHTY RULES OF ROSLYNIAN POETRY (trademarked and copyrighted)

1. The first word of each line must begin with a different letter than the previous three lines’ beginning letters.
2. Use any of the five senses EXCEPT sight to describe at least two colors.
3. Mix past, present, and/or future tenses in a line.
4. Personify a body part.
5. The words of one line must all start with the same letter, not counting words that are three letters or less.
6. Create a chemical reaction.
7. The poem must be at least nine lines and no more than eight hundred and ninety-two lines.
8. Work in your name/nickname so that it is spelled out by the first letter of a consecutive string of words. For example, Steve: stopping tornados each varying eve.
9. Something that adorns a person’s body (i.e. article of clothing, jewelry, etc.) must appear twice—once in the first half of your poem, once in the second half. It can be the same adornment or two different ones.
10. Use a cuss word. Feel free to get creative.
11. Include a well-known or cheesy saying.
12. End the poem with a nonsensical image.

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Challenge Yourself!
Write a poem using Simmerman’s rules, Roslynian rules, or better yet,
Show off your skills by sharing your poem, and then
The rest of us can show you up by conquering your rules better than you!


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